Field Day July 6, 2012

Today marked the midway point of the term here at Xavier High School.  In celebration the classes were cancelled, and the students participated in a track and field day preceded by a mass.  Remember?  It’s a Catholic school.  Yesterday I wrote about the kids’ singing and their rich harmonies.  I tried recording some of their practice today.  I’m sure the limited equipment I have doesn’t do justice to the experience, and it may be that it’s one of those, “You had to be there” kind of things.  But here is a three minute recording of their singing.  Bear in mind that these kids have had no vocal training, and have never sung together before except for a 20 minute practice yesterday.

From my standpoint it was great to see the kids just being kids.  No stress, no school, no language barriers just games, laughter, and mu mus.  Enjoy the pictures.  Oh, I almost forgot.  While the games were taking a place, the schools speaker system was blasting music.  I one point I got to choose a song.  I played Sugar Magnolia by the Grateful Dead (of course).  It was a gas being so far from home, watching kids playing and dancing to the Dead.  “Mr. Chris, what is this music”

“It’s the Grateful Dead.”

“What’s the Grateful Dead?”

How do I begin to explain?

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